An area of expertise of mine is working with people struggling with disordered eating and poor body image. My approach combines Intuitive Eating methods and body positivity, to support you to become more relaxed around food and more comfortable in your body. Many people feel that their bodies are “wrong” in some way (usually too fat for women or not muscular/lean enough for men) and react by trying to control their food and/or increase the amount they exercise. Others feel hopeless and lose themselves in mindless eating and avoid physical movement altogether. Many struggle with diet/binge cycling, unhappy relationships with exercise, excessive preoccupation with food, and ongoing dissatisfaction with their bodies. 

I support people to come out of the cycle, with a focus on emotional eating, understanding the préoccupation with weight, and reducing patterns of restriction and compensation around food and exercise. In turn my clients become more informed to make choices that are sustainable and work for them, both around food and weight. This is weight-neutral work – the focus is behaviours rather than number on the scale or food on your plate. If you are interested in this approach, please contact me for an initial session.