A technique that I offer is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). EMDR is a therapy which is known to be particularly useful to reduce the effects of traumatic experiences. This can be one-off experiences or several, cumulative difficult events. Sometimes the memory of a traumatic experience can become “stuck” and remains very intense and vivid for the person. 

EMDR helps to desensitise the person to the emotional impact of the memory, so that they can think about the event without experiencing such strong feelings.

EMDR works by the client bringing to mind the difficult event, and also moving their eyes from side-to-side, or hear a sound in each ear alternately through headphones, or feel a tap on each hand alternately. These side-to-side sensations stimulate the “stuck” processing system in the brain so that it can reprocess the information more like an ordinary memory, reducing its intensity.

EMDR is known for being a very effective therapy and can form a part of the work I do with individuals or couples.